Appetizer Options:

Beef, Lamb and Pork:

* Beef with Bacon Cheddar, Caramelized Aioli on a Homemade Buns
* Grilled Lamb “Lollipops” with Mint Chutney
* Lamb Meatballs with Stone Ground Mustard Aioli
* Mini Corn Muffins filled with Pulled Pork
* Pulled Pork Slider with Coleslaw
* Seared Pork Tenderloin, Caramelized Apples and Sweet Onions served on Crispy Polenta


* Southern Fried Chicken with Remoulade Sauce (pickles, onions and mayo) 
on a Homemade Bun
* Turkey Chipotle meatballs with Salsa Sour Cream Sauce
* Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
* Pan Fried Pecan Chicken Bites with Honey Mustard Sauce


* Crispy Crab Cakes with Basil Aioli
* Coconut Shrimp with Mango Aioli
* Creole Crispy Pan Fried Shrimp with Remoulade Sauce
* Grilled Prawn Skewers with or w/o Applewood Smoked Bacon
* Seared Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
* Tequila Marinated Grilled Prawn Pico De Gallo Served on Mini Homemade Tostados
* Mini Lobster Rolls
* Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
* Mini Grilled Fish Tacos
* Ahi Poke Served on Crispy Wontons with Ginger Soy Aioli
* Oysters Grilled , Raw Bar or Rockefeller
* Prawn Salad Puffs
* Salmon Stuffed Pastries with Roasted Pepper Aioli
* Poached Salmon with All the condiments and Roasted Garlic Aioli
* Crispy Kennebeck Fries with Crab Aioli


* Spanikopita Triangles
* Caramelized Leek and Gruyere Tartlets, Spinach and Mushroom Tartlets
* Pastries filled with Sautéed Greens, Sherry, Onions, Parmesan and Swiss Cheese
* Roasted Vegetable Tartlets
* Mushroom and Cheese Pastries
* Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Apple-Chardonnay Chutney
* Mini Tamales (can also have meat)
* Mini Empanadas (can also have meat)
* Fried Polenta Triangles with Marinara Sauce
* Samosas
* Vietnamese Rice Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
* Vegetarian Fried Eggrolls with Hot Mustard Aioli
* Lavash Rolls with Feta, Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Red Onions, Mixed Greens 
and Herbed Cream Cheese
* Twice Baked Mini Potatoes
* Truffle French Fries
* Corn Cakes with Sour Cream and Chive Crème Fraîche or Mango Avocado Chutney
* Wild Mushroom Fricassee over Crispy Polenta
* Wild Mushroom, Blue Cheese and Walnut Pesto Flatbread
* Gruyere Cheese and Caramelized Onion Flatbread Topped with Spicy Arugula Salad
* Vegetarian Slider: Fried Green Tomato with Remoulade Sauce
* Creamy Butternut Squash Soup Shot with Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwich
* Heirloom Tomato Soup Shot with Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwich
* Baked Brie with Apricot Preserves and Toasted Almonds 
* Roasted Fall Veggie Tarts with Goat Cheese
* Sweet Potato Pancakes with Apple, Currant and Chardonnay Chutney
* Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Tartlets
* Wild Mushroom Fricassee served on Crispy Polenta
* Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese, Shaved Sweet Onions, Pistachios and Citrus Vinaigrette
* Lettuce Cups w Grilled Radicchio, Caramelized Fennel, Roasted Pumpkin, Goat Cheese and Pepita Vinaigrette

Also Available:

Assorted Tapas, Sonoma Charcuterie, Local Cheeses, Mustards, Olives, Roasted Garlic, 
Foccacia Bread, Homemade Crostini's, Crackers and Fruit

***Vegan Selections upon Request!


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